Project details

Our proposals are for people-friendly, inclusive streets that are inviting and enjoyable for everyone to spend time in and walk through. 

The proposals prioritise walking, cycling and public transport, and reduce general through traffic. We believe this will benefit local people, businesses and visitors.

Our Objectives

A place for people – enlarge and improve the pedestrian space, creating a safe, vibrant place for people to live in and for all to enjoy.

Strengthen the qualities of these streets for people, in ways which respect and enrich the World Heritage Site.

Sustainable and inclusive transport – prioritise dedicated space for walking and cycling, access for people with a disability or impairment, and retain public transport access.

Resilient and adaptable space – a street design that can accommodate the changing needs of these streets by season, time of day and future years’ requirements.

A thriving economy – enhance the streets as places where visitor destinations and businesses of all sizes can prosper.

Proposed designs

The overview map shows all the streets included in the project. So you can see the proposals in greater detail, we’ve divided the streets into 4 sections. 

Click the  red boxes on the map to see the concept design for each location.

Click the yellow arrows to see visualisations of the proposals.

Illustrative Route Plan Meadows to George Street cycling CEC
Hanover Street The Mound George IV Bridge Teviot Triangle The Mound Foot of the Mound George IV Bridge - South George IV Bridge - north Bedlam Theatre Forrest Road

Hanover Street

Meadows to George Street Concept Design 1 - Hanover Street

This concept design covers the route from The Mound to Hanover Street.

Download the full-sized concept design (PDF, 1.06MB)

The Mound

Meadows to George Street Concept Design 2 - The Mound

This concept design covers the route from Bank Street to the Mound.

Download the full-sized concept design (PDF, 1MB)

George IV Bridge

Meadows to George Street Concept Design 3 - George IV Bridge

This concept design covers the route along George IV Bridge.

Download the full-sized concept design (PDF, 1MB)

Teviot Triangle

Meadows to George Street Concept Design 4 - Teviot

This concept design covers the route at Teviot Place, Bristo Place and Forrest Road.

Download the full-sized concept design (PDF, 778KB)

The Mound

Foot of the Mound

George IV Bridge - South

George IV Bridge - north

Bedlam Theatre

Forrest Road

Your Feedback

Our consultation on the Concept Design stage has now closed. In the next few months we will share a summary of all comments that were sent in. If you would like to contact us please use the details below.

Public Spaces

  • Pedestrianisation of Forrest Road
  • Pedestrian priority on Candlemaker Row
  • Expansion and improvement of the public space around Greyfriars Bobby
  • Seating at key spaces and viewpoints along the streets
  • New public spaces on the Mound and Bank Street
  • New trees and greening
  • High quality materials in keeping with cultural heritage of the area
  • Exploring opportunities to incorporate play and child friendly element to the streets
  • Inclusive design to ensure access for all


  • Improved crossing between Middle Meadow Walk and Forrest Road
  • New formalised crossing points on key desire lines, such as between Greyfriars and the Museum
  • Wider, decluttered pavements and continuous footways at key points, such as Victoria Street and Candlemaker Row


  • Segregated cycleways on Forrest Road, George IV Bridge, The Mound, Bank Street and Hanover Street
  • Cycle parking along the streets
  • Signalised junction phases arranged to ensure cycle safety along main route

Buses and other traffic

  • Bus priority corridor, with no general through traffic on Bank Street, between Market Street and Lawnmarket
  • Floating bus stops
  • Forrest Road, all traffic removed other than access for residents of the street and loading and servicing at certain times
  • Candlemaker Row, between Merchant Street and George IV Bridge, all traffic removed other than the number 2 bus service and access for residents of the street

Loading and Parking

  • Loading is provided at certain locations for businesses along the route, based on requirements highlighted by feedback from businesses and survey analysis. We propose this to be restricted to certain times of day so that at other times it can be used for other street activities, such as seating and walking.
  • Candlemaker Row, loading is proposed to be limited to Merchant Street and on the section of Candlemarker Row between Merchant Street and Cowgate
  • All the current single yellow lines, and associated blips, along Forrest Road, George IV bridge, Bristo Place, Bank Street would be changed double yellow, double blip markings, resulting in no parking or loading at any time
  • Taxi drop off and pick up permitted on certain streets

Changes to Traffic

 The proposed changes to traffic operations in the project area are an important part of the project and enable and enhance the proposed street changes.  These changes are embedded within the Council’s City Centre Transformation Project and fit within the long- term vision for a future city centre traffic network.  This map shows the detail of the proposed traffic changes in the Meadows to George Street project area. You can click the image to see a larger version. You can also find out more about the City Centre Transformation Project on the Council website.

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